We also list minor updates to Doorkeeper in the Changelog, last updated June 18, 2021.
Improvements to Doorkeeper's Online Event Support
A Helpdesk for your Community
Doorkeeper was down for ten minutes on October 4th, 2019
Comments are now enabled by default
Regarding the increase in Japanese Consumption Tax
Introducing the Changelog
Predict attendance with the new Check-in Forecast report
Create a more engaging community with comments for your event page
Introducing your public profile page on Doorkeeper
We're ending support for event payments via PayPal
Incident Report: Unable to determine a participant's payment status
Pay for events without entering your credit card details each time
Incident Report: Error message shown on payment attempt
Add images to your event and community descriptions
Incident Report: Failure to record an event prepayment
A change to how maps are displayed on your event page
Collect prepayments from JCB credit cards via Stripe
Doorkeeper will be down for scheduled maintenance on June 15th, 3am - 5am JST
Check in your participants faster and easier
Meet your new personalized Doorkeeper homepage
We’ve added per ticket type limits
Announcing the community photo gallery
Better Messages - Automatic Reminders, Scheduled Messages, and Stats
A new design for your community pages
A change to editing ticket types
From free to paid: a status update on Doorkeeper
A change in how Doorkeeper is priced
Why we’re charging our event organisers
A fresh look for Doorkeeper's community management interface
Archive Custom Registration Questions
Introducing owners for communities
An update to Doorkeeper's API
Easier prepayment for participants and organisers
Launching Doorkeeper's redesigned event page
Search for events on Doorkeeper
Collect event fees even more easily - announcing the private Stripe beta
Introducing a smoother registration flow for your events
Short code on tickets now six digits
A new feature you’ll never use
Promotional codes for your event!
Enjoy our emails on desktop and mobile!
Send messages to your community about anything, not just events
Customize community and event registration with checkbox questions
In Tokyo? Celebrate 10,000 events on Doorkeeper with our first Doorkeeper Users Meetup
Attendees can now choose whether to be publicly listed
Change to Prepaid Event Refunds
System Maintenance Announcement for Monday, Feb 17th 10am - 11am JST
System Maintenance Announcement for Thursday, Jan 23rd 10am - 11am JST
See all activity in one place
We've updated the community page desgin
Find new events and communities
Change to viewing of unpublished events
We’ve established Doorkeeper Inc!
Easily see all your events from your calendar
All your Doorkeeper events in one place
Increase in the time a participant has to complete prepayment
System Maintenance Announcement for Saturday, May 25th 11pm - 12pm JST
Announcing the new Doorkeeper event page
Register for Doorkeeper events using Twitter, GitHub, or LinkedIn!
Event service "Eventnor" acquired
Easier Exporting of Tickets
Announcing Markdown Support
Final report: About errors related to account limits generated when using PayPal
System Maintenance Announcement for Sunday, August 12th 1am - 2am JST
Interim report: About errors related to account limit occurring when using PayPal
About errors related to account limit occurring when using PayPal
Unified Messaging to your Members and Attendees
An apology for an issue affecting the purchase of tickets for Sapporo Ruby Kaigi 2012
New in Doorkeeper: Ticket Types!
Add an Image to Your Event
Easier Reminders for your Event
Event registration form customization and email notifications
Renewal Doorkeeper app for iPhone
Public Participant List
New Event Dashboard and Updates for Events
Members are now deleteable
Ticket emails with embedded QR codes
Event publishing and Facebook integration
Redesign for the public event pages
Several small improvements
Simpler, cheaper pricing
New improved Doorkeeper widget
Google +1 button for your events
iPhone friendly event page
New Design for Doorkeeper
Introducing Ticket Short Codes
Change in Billing Model
Doorkeeper for iPhone