Collect event fees even more easily - announcing the private Stripe beta

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We're excited to announce an easier way for you to collect prepayments from your attendees: we've integrated with the payment-processor Stripe. We've already tried it out at some of our own events, and have had great feedback from participants, with comments such as "it was the best experience I've ever had paying online". Now we're ready to start rolling this out to select organizers with our private beta.

Once you've configured Stripe, participants just need to enter in their credit card information to pay. No extra information or account is necessary. Take a look how speedy it is:

Even if you are already collecting money from participants via PayPal, you can collect it via Stripe as well. This lets your participants choose which way they'd like to pay. With our events, we've found people who already have a PayPal account tend to continue to use it, whereas other people prefer to pay via Stripe. So offering both solutions can make it easier for participants to pay you.

If you'd like to start collecting prepayments for your event via Stripe, follow these instructions to get started.