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Lessons learned from hosting over 10,000 events

Over 10,000 events have been organized on Doorkeeper. This has given us a lot of data about what kind of events tend to be successful. This article will explore what we've learned from all the events hosted on our platform. Many factors go into determining what makes an event successful, but Doorkeeper's data puts us in the best position to answer the f... Continue Reading →

Charge in Advance for your Event

If you organize an event and charge people money for it, please do everyone a favour and collect money in advance. It will decrease your risk as an organizer, encourage only people who will actually show up to register, and make it cheaper for those who show up. As an organizer of a networking event, one thing I’ve worried about is budgeting the event p... Continue Reading →

Organizing an International Event

I have been organizing a networking event in Tokyo for over a year now. With the event, I set out to create a place where Japanese and non-Japanese software developers could meet and communicate. I’m very happy that my event has maintained a ratio of half Japanese and half international attendees, and will share some tips for creating a successful intern... Continue Reading →

Guide to Organizing Pair Programming Events

With Tokyo Rubyist Meetup, I've held a number of pair programming events where developers work together on programming challenges. The great thing about these events is its a great way to get developers immediately communicating with each other. To get an idea, check out a video from my first event. It amazes me how fast and enthusiastically devel... Continue Reading →