Maximize attendance with prepaid events

When you charge participants in advance for your event, people who register actually show up. You can give participants the choice of paying via credit card, bank transfer, or konbini payments.

Recurring Payments

Earn predictable community revenue via monthly and yearly subscriptions

Earn money to support your community or project from patrons, donors, or customers via recurring subscription payments. Use your Patron page to market yourself and your community across the web, get community members to subscribe to your community, and sponsors to donate recurringly.

Choose a ticket Lecture only - ¥1,500 Lecture + Workshop - ¥2,500 Lecture + Workshop + Diner - ¥6,000

Multiple Ticket Types

Boost sales with multiple ticket types

Incentivize registration with early bird discounts. Diversify your audience with discounts for under-represented participants like students. Increase flexibility for participants with multiple attendance options.

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Customizable Registration Forms

Know your audience by customizing the registration

With our super easy form builder, you can put together a customized registration form that helps you prepare for your events by knowing more about who's attending.

Nana Kurosawa Attending Kenichi Ueda Attending Naoya Kanamura Waitlisted Maiko Satake Waitlisted Guest List 32/30


Gather interest even when your event is full

You've sold out your event. Great job! But what happens when new people visit your even page? With Doorkeeper's waitlist feature, they can join the waitlist to be notified if a spot opens up. This allows you to gauge demand for future events, or even expand the capacity of the current one.

38/50 Event Capacity Lecture Only 8/15 Lecture + Workshop 24/25 Lecture + Worshop + Dinner 6/10

Flexible Attendance Limits

Ensure the right number of people attend

With our powerful attendance limits, you have the option of setting both an overall limit for the event, and limits per ticket type.

Check-in App

Check in your guests with our app

Our iPhone app allows you to check in your participants by simply scanning the QR code on their ticket. Their status will be automatically changed on your dashboard, giving you insight into attendance patterns for future events.

Promotional Codes 3dd01334acd ee84dwqq124 10% discount ¥2,000 off 6422yzw902i Free entry

Promotional Codes

Offer discounts with promotional codes

Promotional codes help you incentivize certain people to register, and can be helpful with tracking where your leads came from. When a participant enters a code, they can be granted a discount or even free entry to your event.

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Mailing List With Analytics

Reach out to your community between events

Sometimes you have information you want to share with your community that isn't about a specific event you're having. With Doorkeeper, you can send emails to your entire community, and we'll give you stats on how the mails performed.

Members Nana Kurosawa Kenichi Ueda Export Naoya Kanamura

Member Management & Data Export

Member data belongs to you

With Doorkeeper, you're not locked into our platform, and have full access to your community's member data, including their email address. Easily export the data for analysis, or to export into other software.

And more...


Allow your members to comment on your event before, during, and after it is held. We send notifications about new comments out to participants to stimulate discussion.


We'll help you get participants for your event by spreading the word to our network of enthusiastic event-goers and listing it throughout our site.

Photo Gallery

Create beautiful photo galleries that help newcomers understand what your community is about.

Multiple Administrators

Easily share management of your community with others by adding them as administrators.

Register With Just An Email

Your participants don’t need to make a Doorkeeper account to register for your events, and can sign up just by entering an email address.

Google Analytics Integration

Better understand where your audience is coming from with our Google Analytics integration.

Richly Formatted Descriptions

Richly format your event and community descriptions with Markdown and embed images you upload.

Registration Widget

Embed our registration widget on your site to make it easy for visitors to register to your event.

Translatable Event Content

Fully localize your event and community content to both English and Japanese so that you can hold an international event.

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