You decide to use Doorkeeper!

If you have never used Doorkeeper before, we offer you a free trial for your first event. A paid plan is only needed for your second event onwards.

You create your community on Doorkeeper.

The community will be home to all your future events and members. You'll have a dedicated community page that you can customize to make your own.

Welcome your new members.

You can define custom questions people are asked when joining your community, which helps you build up knowledge about your members, and better tailor future events to them.

Invite other organizers to join you.

Don't go at it alone. Add other organizers to help you create events and manage your community.

In the meantime, Doorkeeper reviews your community and starts promoting it.

We'll check your community to make sure everything is set up properly and is ready to welcome new members. Once we've completed our review, you will appear along other high quality communities in our listings, search results, and suggestions across the site.

Create your first event.

Until you publish your event, it will only be visible only to other organizers within your community, allowing you to collaborate with them to craft a stellar event page, and ensure everything works to your satisfaction before going live.

Choose your payment options.

Your event can be free, collect money from participants at the door, or collect payments in advance via credit card and bank transfer.

Customize the registration for your event.

Have an event specific question for participants? You can add a custom question to collect extra information from them.

Publish the event.

Once you go live, the event will be listed publicly on Doorkeeper and will get recommended to Doorkeeper users who we think might be interested.

Share your event.

While Doorkeeper promotes your event to our users, we've found that personal invitations are the best way to get your event off the ground. Send out customized individual invitations, or promote the event to your followers on social networks.

Participants start registering.

When your organizing a prepaid event, participants can pay using their credit card, and have the option of securely saving their payment information to make checkout next time even faster.

First-time participants automatically become a member of your community.

When someone decides to join your event, we automatically add them to your community member list, so that they can be notified next time you host an event.

Participants get a digital ticket in their inbox along with a scannable code.

We make it easy for your participants to save your event in their calendar or add their ticket to their Apple Wallet.

Fully booked? Join the waiting list.

If your event has a limited number of participants, once your event is full, people can still join the waiting list. This helps to ensure your event stays full, even if there is a cancellation, and helps you better plan the capacity of your next event.

The day before the event, participants are sent an automatic reminder.

We help you to make sure your the people registered for your event actually show up. These reminders can be customized to include last minute event details, or even cancelled altogether if you have another way you want to send a reminder.

Finally. The big day.

It’s finally time for your event. You can decide to check in participants by scanning their digital ticket with your smartphone, using our web check-in, or even by printing a paper list if you want to go old school.

Participants share how great your event was and your community grows.

Even after your event, people can still join your community. So when participants share how great your event was via their social networks, blogs, or just telling a friend, you'll be able to have enthusiastic new people become members of your community.

Upload photos of your event to your Doorkeeper community page.

Photos are a great way to instantly communicate the atmosphere of your events to future attendees, helping your community to grow.

Thank participants who attended by sending them a message and a survey.

Better understand what went well about your event, and what you need to work on improving for the next one.

Do it again! The second time round is even easier.

After your first event you'll have built up an audience of community members that you'll easily be able to invite back for your next event. Duplicate a previous event, and you only need to customize the details that are different for your next one.

Gather a community.
Make events that people love.

Try for free for your first event!

Create your community

Organize your own event

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