Starter Pro Plus Corporate
Price ¥1,500 per month (excludes tax) ¥4,000 per month (excludes tax) ¥8,000 per month (excludes tax) ¥16,000 per month (excludes tax)
Upcoming events limit 5 15 50 200
Communities Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Participant list Public Public or private Public or private Public or private
Google analytics integration
Sell tickets via Credit card
Bank Transfer
Large plans are also available. Contact us for details.

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Online ticketing fees

Doorkeeper lets participants use a credit card to pay online for tickets. The money will go directly to your Stripe account, giving you access to the funds before the event starts. For this functionality, we collect a small transaction fee. No processing fees apply for free tickets, at the door tickets, and tickets paid via bank transfer.

Free Tickets


At The Door Tickets


Prepaid Tickets

¥99 + 2.5%

In addition to Doorkeeper's fees, Stripe fees also apply.
Example of prepaid ticket transaction fees for Stripe
Fee participant pays ¥5,000
Doorkeeper transaction fee -¥224
Stripe transaction fee (3.60%) -¥180
After fees you receive ¥4,596
※ Transaction fees vary by country and Stripe account type. These numbers are only to serve as an example.