A Helpdesk for your Community

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

With Doorkeeper, people can send you inquiries about your communities and events. Previously, we just forwarded you the inquiries direct to your email inbox. While this worked for communities that only got an occasional inquiry, we know that it made it a challenge to manage a community that was holding many simultaneous events, with many different administrators. To make responding to inquiries smooth even for those communities that get multiple inquiries a day, we’re launching a new helpdesk system.

View and respond to inquiries online

Your community management now has a “Inquiries” section. When you receive a new inquiry, it will show up here (we’ll still send you an email about it). This section is filtered by “Active” inquiries, which need a response, “Closed” inquiries, which you’ve already responded to, and “Spam” inquiries, which we’ve classified as being unwanted.

Once you navigate to a specific inquiry, you can respond directly to the inquirer via the web interface. This means you have a complete history of your conversation with the inquirer, making it easy for all administrators to share the task of responding to inquiries.

What’s more, because the inquirer will be notified of the response via the community’s email address, it will be immediately obvious to the inquirer they’re getting an official response.

Inquiries can be about a specific event

Often an inquiry is about a specific event, but sometimes the person submitting the inquiry won’t include what event their asking about in their message. This meant you needed to waste time clarifying which event it was about with them.

When a person submits an inquiry, we now prompt them to select whether it is a general inquiry or about a specific event. If they navigate to the inquiry page from the event page, we’ll automatically preselect that event for them.

Furthermore, if the inquiry is in response to an email sent out by your community, we’ll automatically associate that inquiry with the relevant event. When an inquiry is associated with an event, we’ll show that in the inquiry management screen, along with a quick link to their registration.

As always, please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.