A change to editing ticket types

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Previously, Doorkeeper allowed you to update the price of a ticket type, including changing it from payment at the door to requiring prepayment, even after participants had registered using it. This is a behaviour we've never fully supported, so it resulted in some weird edge cases for participants.

To avoid any issues going forward, once you've created a ticket type, the payment details can no longer be changed. You're still free to edit everything else about it, including its description, and when registration for it closes. You can also still create new ticket types, and delete any ticket types that don't have registrations, so we don't think this should affect normal operation for organisers.

As part of this update, we've also added an overview of your ticket types to your event dashboard, allowing you to see the status at a glance.

As always, we love to hear any suggestions how we can improve things for you. Drop us a line or leave a comment with anything you think we can do to make things better for you.