New Event Dashboard and Updates for Events

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today we are releasing a big update with several improvements:

First, we reorganized the Event Dashboard to make it cleaner, easier to use and more concise. You can now easily see all the important facts about your event, manage the event and attendees.

Second, we improved attendee management. This is now accessible directly from the new Event Dashboard. You can easily add attendees and change their registration status if needed.

Third, we introduced Event Updates. This makes it even easier to keep your attendees updated about your event. This feature combines publishing an update to your events' public pages and (optionally) sending an email notification to all attendees.

Fourth, to provide you with more detailed information and support about a feature in Doorkeeper, many of the little help markers Help Marker which display short help texts now also link to more detailed FAQ articles.

As always, we welcome any feedback by mail at or on twitter via @doorkeeper_app.