Introducing Ticket Short Codes

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We’ve introduced Short Codes in our tickets, which will speed up the check-in at the door. You can use it to easily find a guest on the Doorkeeper check-in screen or printed list.

The Short Code is a random and unique 4 digit code. All participant lists are now sorted by this Short Code by default (we also now allow you to define the sorting criteria now). On the ticket, it is located below the QR code.

This also addresses another difficulty which is specific to Japanese names. The readings are irregular and thus without knowing their pronunciation it is difficult to find a guest on your list. Using the Short Code makes finding a guest on your list easy and fast.

You can continue to use the Doorkeeper iPhone application or another QR code scanner to check-in your participants. The Short Code is designed to make manual lookup faster in those situations where you don’t use a QR code scanner.

Doorkeeper is committed to making the check-in for your event straightforward regardless of your environment and constraints. Short Codes provide you with yet another fast and reliable check-in method.