Check in your participants faster and easier

Monday, April 23, 2018

Scanning Doorkeeper tickets is a fast and easy way to check in participants to your event. But sometimes someone forgets their ticket, and you still want to check them in. Our Web Check-In allowed you to do that, but it was a bit clunky, especially for events that had more than a thousand or so participants. We’re now officially releasing our new version of the Web Check-in, which makes it speedy to check people in no matter the size of the event.

With our new version you can check someone in instantly: click the checkmark and your ready to check in the next person, no need to wait for a page to refresh.

Searching for Japanese names is also improved. Our search filter automatically handles filtering names regardless of whether you enter hiragana, katakana, or romanji.

We’re also providing you with up to date stats on how many people have been checked in. These are automatically updated, even if you’re checking in people across multiple devices.

While we believe the Web Check-In is better in every way than the previous one, we know that reception at your event is one of the most critical times as an organizer. As such, we’re still making it possible to use the old Web Check-in, which we link to from the new one. We’ll continue to support the old Web Check-in until June 1st, 2018, after which we’ll remove it.