We’ve established Doorkeeper Inc!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We’re excited to announce that we’ve established Doorkeeper Inc, a company that will operate the Doorkeeper service.

Previously, Doorkeeper was a service provided by Mobalean LLC, which we established at the end of 2008 as a Japanese mobile web development consultancy. As a fun side project, we worked on what would become Doorkeeper, which we launched in July 2010 to the public. Thanks to all the great communities using our platform, we’ve grown from a tool for a single event to a system trusted by thousands of event organizers.

Doorkeeper Inc is led by two of Mobalean’s founders, Paul McMahon and Michael Reinsch. Mobalean’s third founder, Henri Servomaa will continue to manage Mobalean LLC.

What changes?

Besides the sharpened focus we’ll have going forward, the only notable change to Doorkeeper right now will be when participants prepay for an event using PayPal. On the PayPal checkout screen, our ¥105 ticket fee will show up as “Doorkeeper Inc” instead of “合同会社モバリーン”. This should make it easier for participants to understand what this fee is for.

Meet us!

This Friday, the Doorkeeper team will be appearing alongside many other great startups at this business expo in Tokyo.

About Doorkeeper Inc.

Doorkeeper Inc is the Japanese company, lead by Paul McMahon and Michael Reinsch, which operates and develops the Doorkeeper service. Doorkeeper is dedicated to help event organizers to bring together people and build a community around their events, which supports people both personally and professionally. Doorkeeper helps with growing these communities, and encouraging participants to get further involved in them.

Doorkeeper Inc was founded 21 June 2013. The Doorkeeper service has been operating since July 2010.

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About Mobalean LLC

Mobalean LLC is a software development consultancy based in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 2008 and specialises in crafting mobile web services for both Japanese and international markets. Mobalean brings its’ technical and cultural experience to help clients adapt their ideas into successful products.

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Doorkeeper Inc.