Change to Prepaid Event Refunds

Friday, February 28, 2014

With Doorkeeper, participants can purchase tickets in advance by credit card. PayPal is used for processing payments, and the prepaid ticket price less transaction fees is directly deposited into the organizer's PayPal account.

Prepaid tickets can be refunded by event organizers through the Doorkeeper administration interface, and organizers can refund the entire amount a participant paid. In the past, no fees were charged for refunds.

However, on Feb 25th, PayPal changed their policy regarding refunds, and will charge a fee to process refunds. We've been told by PayPal this change will be implemented March 5th, but their is no official announcement about this date.

When issuing a participant a refund through Doorkeeper's administration interface, the entire ticket price will be refunded to the participant, including Doorkeeper's transaction fee. PayPal will then charge the event organizer's PayPal account with their refund fee (¥40 in Japan).

In addition to doing a full refund, the organizer can also partially refund a ticket. This allows an organizer to have a cancellation fee and only refund a portion of the ticket price to the participant. In this case, Doorkeeper's transaction fee (¥105 in Japan) will not be refunded, and PayPal will retain a pro-rata share of the fee.

For more details on how to refund a ticket, please see this page.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this change has caused.