Easier Exporting of Tickets

Monday, October 01, 2012

With Doorkeeper, we have always allowed you to export your tickets, but up until now we used a file format called csv. Although spreadsheet programs like Excel are capable of understanding it, the file format suffers from many issues, especially when dealing with characters outside the English alphabet.

We have now changed the export to use the standard excel format (don’t worry, if you use another spreadsheet program like OpenOffice, Google Docs, or Numbers, they can understand it too). With this change, you shouldn’t encounter any problems with displaying the file.

Additionally, we took this opportunity to make the contents of the export easier to understand. The tickets will now be displayed in the same layout in the file as they are in the main event page, grouped into different workbooks like “Checked-in”, “Attending”, and “Cancelled”.

This new functionality comes thanks to Randy Morgan’s xslx generation library. If you are using the Ruby programming language, we highly recommend you check it out.