Change in Billing Model

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Thank you for using Doorkeeper. We are grateful for the feedback everyone has given us.

This announcement is about a change in the billing model for Doorkeeper.

With Doorkeeper, our mission is to eliminate the drudgery from event organization, and help you as an organizer focus on what you do best - organizing compelling events. The first aspect Doorkeeper addressed was ticketing and at the door check in. While this is an important aspect of running events, we want Doorkeeper to be able to help you throughout the life-cycle of your events: from the planning of one event, to the start of the next one.

So far, we have been charging for prepaid tickets. However, we understand that for smaller, independently organized events, even the ¥105 per ticket we were charging was placing a burden on the organizers. At the same time, we want to focus our service on meeting the needs of professional organizations, where the selling of tickets is not necessarily the top priority. To accommodate this, we will now let communities use Doorkeeper to host events with up to 50 prepaid tickets for free. For our customers that require a more professional solution, we are introducing subscription plans for communities. The details on these plans are available here.

Our view has always been that successful events are not just one-off ordeals, but part of a series. This pricing model brings our incentives in line with your goal - to have long running, sustainable events.

Please let us know if anything needs clarification by emailing