Attendees can now choose whether to be publicly listed

Monday, March 17, 2014

When participants register for your event, not only are they interested in the content you provide as an organizer, but also who else is attending your event. To help potential attendees get a feel for who's coming, Doorkeeper has a public attendee list.

Although the organizer has been able to disable this list for the entire community, we understand there are some cases when the organizer wants to show the participants, but some attendees are uncomfortable with having their name publicly listed. To handle this situation, we've added an option for a participant to decide whether or not they want to be publicly listed within your community.

If you previously had disabled the public attendee list, and now want to enable it, you can find the setting from your community settings' Privacy page. When you enable it, all your community members will initially be set to not be publicly listed, and only when they are signing up for an event will they be asked if they want to show their attendance publicly. This means you can enable the setting without worrying about violating the privacy of any of your attendees.

We think this setting will make displaying your attendee list better for everyone, and look forward to seeing who is coming to your events.